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We are all on a journey in life of discovering our thoughts and beliefs about all topics. Our Beliefs determine out Habits and our Habits create the life that we're currently living.  If there is anything in your life that you would like to change or improve, it's important to have the courage to start with analyzing your Belief System.  As one of my mentors, Napoleon Hill, taught, it's important to remain open minded to all people, on all topics, all the time, if you want to remain teachable and fertile for ongoing growth.  We hold the position that true success is super-charged through healthy balance in every area of your life, not just from one's Net Worth, but their Net Value as a human being in the world.  Enjoy our blog, and please share some of the greatest ideas, quotes, videos, pictures, books, etc. that have helped you experience more success in life!  Be grateful for all of your blessings today, or they may be taken away!

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What is the True Great Work?

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Improving Your Financial Health

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What if the secret to improving your financial health is to be being committed to improving every area of your life…would you be game?

Do you want to experience the confidence of lasting financial health?

Okay, good, then keep reading…

One important fact to remember is that the financial aspect of life is not compartmentalized; on the contrary it is attached to every part of our lives. For example if one focused all their energy making money in their early years...

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Too Big to Fail


Federal Reserve to release results of supervisory stress tests on Mar. 5 and related results from Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review on Mar. 11.


Office of Financial Research releases evaluation of systemic importance of 33 U.S. bank holding companies (Feb. 12).

Brief available at http://financialresearch.gov/.


Bank Failures


Capital City Bank & Trust Company (Atlanta...

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