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Melody Morgan:     Office Manager

(aka Paula Deen)

When I grow up I want to be:

Happy to be able to retire with my IBC Policy

Top artists in my playlist:
Kenny G., Aerosmith, Tate Stevens

Favorite food:

Significant people:
Gary and Garrett Morgan

Favorite movie:

Something unique:
Our family washed up to Kansas City from Gulfport, Mississippi as a result of Hurricane Katrina.


When you take a Southern Country gal, and transplant her in the Midwest after Hurricane Katrina, then to the mountains in West Virginia, what do you get? A little Southern Hospitality, with a splash of sunshine! That is what Melody Morgan, Office Manager at Clockwork Financial, brings to the Clockwork Family. Her positive attitude and respect for others show every client how much we value them. Melody views everyone she works with like a family, sometimes treating them better than their own family! She truly breathes new life into the financial industry.  From the first stages of meeting a new client via phone or in person, to developing long term relationships, Melody is a hands on kind of worker from the beginning to the end. When she is not at the office taking care of business, you will find her in the kitchen cooking with Paula Deen's newest cookbook and bringing the food into the office for taste tests. "Ya'll have Fun!" is the sound echoing down the hallway and out the front door of the office.